Inspire Millions While Making Millions

By Writing Your "Love Letter" to the World...

What is your “Love Letter” to the world and why is it so important?

First of all, it’s not an actual letter.

It’s something MUCH bigger, MUCH more important and MUCH more impactful.

Your “love letter” to the world is your MESSAGE.

It’s you getting crystal clear on what to do AND say to get more people to invest more money with you, more often, so you can make a MUCH bigger difference in their lives.

It’s the essence of your business, your products, your services, and your brand.

It’s what motivates you, and more importantly, what motivates your customers to do business with you.

Powerful Messages have moved millions & have changed our world...

"Design in not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works" - Steve Jobs (Apple)
"The thing that we are trying to do at Facebook, is just help people connect and communicate more efficiently" - Mark Zuckerberg
"Love thy neighbor as thyself" - Jesus Christ
"Start with why" - Simon Sinek
"Turn your wounds into wisdom" - Oprah Winfrey
"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow" - Bill Gates
"Just Do It" - Nike
"Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!" - Ronald Regan

Why having a “message” is more important today than it's ever been…

In business, getting and keeping the attention of your prospects comes before anything else -- and in today’s world it’s harder than it’s ever been.

You only need to spend a minute or two on Facebook, or open your email inbox to see that the market has now reached a point of sheer “noise” and saturation that we’ve never seen before.

So, in today’s world of 2.2 billion websites, how do you stand out from this noise and get the attention of the right people, for the right reasons, which then allows you to grow a business you’ll actually love?

Most people try to solve this by turning to the same set of tools, tactics and technologies, hoping they will give an advantage over everyone else.

Newsflash: they’re busy fine tuning the stuff that REALLY doesn’t matter. They’re NOT paying enough attention to what DOES matter: having a message worth listening to, that the world can fall in love with.

IMPORTANT: This grants those of us who use message-based marketing an amazing advantage, because...

When the world falls in love with your message, amazing things happen

Whether you’re just getting started and want to make sure you’re doing the right things, or whether you’re established and want to break through to the next level, going out the door with the right message is the fastest and easiest path to business success you’ll ever find.

And the best part? You don’t need a big marketing budget to make this work. Nor do you need a huge amount of time.

In fact, on this page I’m going to show you how, after just 3 short days, you can identify and bring out your unique Message, so that:

  • You naturally cut through the noise with your marketing, and begin to notice customers and clients are coming to you.
  • You can impact the world and your bottom line, in a huge way.

My name is Marisa Murgatroyd and I’ve helped thousands of people identify and turn their unique message into real impact and money.

From struggling entrepreneurs, authors and coaches to industry luminaries and heavyweights such as Justin Livingston, Callan Rush, Danny Iny, Alexis Neely, Bill Baren, Sage Lavine, and Susan Peirce Thompson.

“I was able to raise my rates quite substantially while at the same time also increasing my enrollment rate."

"I was going from doing one or two thousand dollar websites to doing $10,000 and $20,000 website packages and being able to close those sales and enroll those clients with a lot more ease.

And that has made a huge difference in terms of me having the confidence to be able to go out and get those higher paying clients. But at the same time, I'm actually in the end doing less work, which makes a big difference for me spending more time with my family.”

- Emily Fontes, Tiny Giant Marketing

“I doubled my income in the month after Message to Money Live by implementing one of the strategies Marisa shared.”

"Marisa is very generous with the information she shares. It's not just getting everyone excited -- there is that and we have a lot of fun -- but there's also a lot of detail, a lot of content, and over delivery.

"The other thing that I really loved about the seminar is I feel like there's a consciousness to it. So it's not about selling, it's about connecting and enrolling. That really fits with who I am and what I want to create.

I really feel like this is the new type of business that's coming through. That's really being called for in our world now. People want more authenticity and they want more connection. The seminar was amazing because I feel within my body like, Yes this is it. This is what I've been looking for.”

- Dr. Tracy Ransome, Thrive Holistic Wellness

I struggled for years because I didn’t have this one thing figured out...

Despite regular 80 hour work weeks and hustling every second, after about a year I gave up and got a “real job”. I just wasn’t making the impact or income I’d been hoping for, and instead of a successful business, I’d simply ended up with a huge credit card debt.

A part of me wondered if I had what it took to be an entrepreneur.

Just like anyone, I had my moments of doubt, but something in me was always certain that I was meant for more. The trouble was: I just couldn’t seem to figure out exactly what “more” looked like… and how to get there.

I’d taken all the courses and programs out there, from latest internet marketing and online business tactics, to sales funnels to social media marketing.

I spent my time, energy and money trying to yell louder than the next guy, to find the latest gimmick to get “unlimited free traffic,” and hope people would finally pay attention to me.

And the most frustrating thing? Despite having so much to offer, I struggled, while at the same time, I watched people with much less experience and expertise “make it”.

I wondered what their secret was.

I remember the exact moment I had my wake-up call. I was in a breakout session at an event. There were 4 of us. And 2 of us did the exact same thing: branding and web design. I went first and shared what I did... Crickets.

Then the lady next to me shared what she did and the other 2 clamored for her card. Oh! I’ve been wanting to redesign my website for years, can I have your card?

I was stunned. How did she do it?

In that moment, I realized that it wasn’t about what I did, how much experience I had or how many marketing tactics I tried, it was simply about finding the right words to unlock their interest and attention.

Our brains are problem-solving machines, and I realized that while building my business, I’d been overthinking everything.

I was so busy creating websites, opt-in gifts and marketing materials, but I never had a decent answer to the age old of question, “So, what do you do?” (Which we all know really means, “So, what can you do for me?”)

I’d put the cart before the horse.

Without the right words and message connect me to my prospects, no amount of marketing or technology could (or would) ever help me.

I was busy trying to BE and DO a million different things, but the people who were succeeding were doing more with less.

They had taken the time to slow down and create a message that the world wanted to hear.

Instead of leading with their head and trying to think their way to success, they tuned into their heart and connected with people’s deepest problems, aspirations and desires.

They took a second to write their love letter to the world and no matter how or where they shared it, people listened.

Here’s the thing: No one ever fell in love with a company because they ran the most ads on Facebook, figured out some clever way to get to the top of Google for a few days, or added better popups to their site.

People fall in love with entrepreneurs and companies whose core message resonates with them. Where they feel they are part of a tribe of people just like them. Or that company has a better way to solve their problems or serve their needs. Because of that, some of the most-loved businesses hardly need to market at all.

Apple, Nike, Taylor Swift, Star Wars, AirBnB, Facebook… Should I keep going?

Here’s What Happens When You Take a Message-First Approach In Your Business & Marketing:

“I've been working for free for 5 years... Now, I'm finally on the payroll!”

"So before I came to Message to Money Live I was feeling really scattered and you know I've been running this nonprofit organization for almost five years and we'd been running by the seat of our pants and not really having any real solid plan for marketing.

We grew every year, but not in any significant way. I've been working for free for five years and, as you can imagine, the stress on my family to continue to work for free was not OK.

I really thought our brand was solid. We've been doing this for many years and I was so convinced I knew who we were talking to, I knew our brand voice. And when we went through the weekend, I was shocked at how much of it wasn't defined.

And so I put together this presentation based on our brand voice and now we're poised to at least double our income this year. Now, I'm finally on the payroll!"

- Dawn Thompson,

“I got a notebook of action steps that's going to keep me busy for a while.”

“Well it's given me quite a bit of insight into how to do the business. It's got both the inner game and the outer game. And unlike some other things that I've been to it has a lot of practical stuff and I got a notebook of action steps that's going to keep me busy for a while.

Just that coming to the event live and seeing Marisa in person was awesome and I highly recommend anybody who has the opportunity, to do so. She's really redefined integrity and I really admire how she has really raised the bar especially on the topics that she covers. And I see it taking my business to the next level.”

- Jordan Murrin, Thrive Holistic Wellness

“Gave me the confidence to really find my voice.”

From the very first day at Message to Money, Marisa talked to me about owning that message and just putting it out there. That, whether people like it or don't, at least they feel some kind of way about it. And just to be bold in saying what your opinion is so you can have a tribe of people who agree with you and you can nurture them and grow them.

And so it gave me such confidence and courage to just speak my mind when it came to what I think in the field. And as I started to do that, little by little, I noticed people were listening and those blog posts that I wrote that were really about my perspective on working with insurance companies were the ones that got the most comments and that were shared. Those were the ones that people wanted to hear. So all this time I've been afraid of speaking up, but my tribe had been waiting for me.

And it was Message to Money LIVE that gave me the confidence to really find my voice.

- Samara Stone, Thrive Holistic Wellness

Why Most People Never Write Their “Love Letter” To The World

To put it simply -- it’s difficult to get perspective on yourself and your business.

In fact, it’s almost impossible -- because there's no activity more difficult for most people than identifying, recognizing and owning their own superpowers.

In fact, it's a LOT easier for people to simply deny their message. To pretend they don't have anything important to say. Yet, in 7 years doing this work, never once have I come across someone who didn’t have an unique and powerful message inside of them that needed to come out.

And so, when we don’t know what to do or say... we usually end up saying nothing, or the “wrong” thing, so results don't come.

Sound familiar? So what’s the solution?

Outside perspective is CRITICAL to help you find and turn your message into your marketing gold.

Forget more theory -- you need real, actionable steps. You need someone who can take you by the hand and say, “do this, say this, and then do this and say this.”

You need help discovering and turning your message into marketing gold. You can’t do it on your own. (Because if you could, don’t you think you would have already?)

Join Us for Message to Money LIVE (Feb 16-18, 2018) and Together, Let’s Find Yours

This is 3 days of laser focus on YOU and YOUR business:

  • What you sell
  • How you sell it
  • When you sell it
  • The exact words you use to sell it

A step-by-step plan you’ll use to achieve the results you and your customers most desire, along with a rock-solid business strategy to guide you.

And doing it all in a way where both you and your customers feel great about what you’re selling and how you’re going about doing it.

And I don’t mean a bunch of big picture theory…

This is like taking a gourmet cooking class where you get the exact recipe to follow. Then, with me and my team helping you every step of the way, we turn it into a delicious meal.

When we’re done, you have the exact knowledge, the confidence, and the plan you need to succeed. In fact...

Save 80%. Reserve Your Seat Right Away at the Early Bird Price of Just $197

You’ll Walk Out With Your Entire Business on One Sheet Of Paper

The Message to Money Pathway is a fill-in-the-blanks template that walks you through how to think about and create every element of your business, from where you are right now all the way up to a 6 or 7 figure business (or even higher, if that’s your goal.)

And almost unbelievably, it’s just one double-sided sheet of paper.

Seriously, this is one amazing template, and the people who have seen it would agree it’s worth coming just to get it.

And during our 3 days together I’ll walk you through how I implemented the Message to Money Pathway in my own business and show you how it took me from my very first offer to making over $3M in sales in just a few short years, and a tribe of over 80,000 raving fans.

By the time you’re done, you’ll have defined your customer’s ENTIRE journey in your business, from initial contact to first purchase to every additional product they’ll purchase from you to get the ultimate result they desire… and get you to the business of your dreams!

This one document has resulted in millions of dollars in my clients’ pockets. Here are some previous attendees in their own words:

“I got three 5-figure clients!”

"The Customer Journey I wrote last year at Message to Money LIVE led to my most exciting VIP day ever this year - an out of the world experience for me AND my client!

I wanted to find a way to finance my travel to Germany - had no idea where to start. So I looked at the Customer Journey and it included a retreat at a later stage of the journey. I wasn't ready to run the retreat I have in mind for the future. But looking at it inspired me to offer a completely different VIP day to my existing, low-to-middle-end product clients.

2 of them accepted -- allowing me to stay at Marina Bay Sands - a hotel in Singapore which charges a minimum $500 a night! I showed a FB Live from the pool on the 57th floor (yes, I took the phone into the water) and all the friends and clients who have ever heard about Singapore know that you can only get to this extraordinary infinity pool if you stay at the hotel for at least one night. The FB Live had a big impact and one totally inspired ex client sent a PM immediately and within 3 days we had agreed on a similar VIP day later this year. One client might not sound much, but it's a 5-figure investment.

Without the Customer Journey I would not have come up with a "retreat feel" personal VIP day and gotten three 5-figure clients."

- Iris Huebler, Superfood Acadmey

“This model has changed how I think about creating new products”

"The Message to Money Pathway I learned at Message to Money LIVE has a permanent home in my brain and 'ring the doorbell' when I have an idea for a new service or product.

Pre-Pathway I would develop a service for whatever was asked of me and give them what they want but now I ALWAYS say to myself, "Self, so they want XXX but then, What's Next? Will XXX lead to a What's Next?"

What can I do to give them value and then move them along the journey to offer even more value?"

- Janine Gregor, Your Virtual Dream Team

“The first client who was offered the products on the pathway I developed went from a $35 initial purchase to investing nearly $15,000 with me in less than six months!”

The Message to Money Pathway / Customer Experience Journey Model has completely revolutionized the way I view product development and offer creation.

I’ve never been short on what I thought were good ideas, but whereas in the past I would just develop whatever offer was currently winning the ‘idea war’ in my head, Marisa’s approach has given me a simple, clear model to follow and allowed me to focus on the right offers at the right time, for both my business and my clients.

This model works. I was so inspired by the power of this model, that I recently revamped my entire suite of offers to ensure everything fits with my Pathway and I can’t wait to see the impact this has on my business.

- Domonique Bertolucci

Save 80%. Reserve Your Seat Right Away at the Early Bird Price of Just $197

On Side 1 of this Document, You’ll Draw Your Message To Money Pathway…

Side 1 is where you plan the exact experience you’ll create for your customer each step of the way, turning prospects into followers, customers, repeat customers, success stories, raving fans and referral partners.

Don't worry if you're not creative, or if you can't draw. (I can't!)

I created this simple fill-in-the-blanks process to draw the information out of you in a natural and organic way you'll be amazed by.

Yet it naturally takes your prospects down the path from their first purchase to many repeat purchases and is the secret to maximizing revenue by solving your customers’ biggest problems.

We’ll map out the exact journey your prospects will take from first encounter to customer (& repeat customer), and how to build your entire business around it, so you can see exponential and organic growth

By the end of the process you'll see why the Message to Money Pathway is a simpler and far more successful approach to getting customers to invest in working with you over and over again by putting the customer first, in way that doesn't feel "salesy" or "sleazy" at all.

On Side 2, You’ll Sketch Out Your Customer Experience Journey

This is where you get to have the experience of walking in your customer’s shoes. You’ll define the experience you want them to have each step of the way, creating trust, increased commitment, and improved results.

Your unique “Customer Experience Journey” is what really inspires your customers to want to buy from you again and again, and it will show you exactly what products, programs and services to offer your customers and when to do so.

When you’re done, you’ll have your path mapped out, from where you are right now all the way up to a 6 or 7 figure business (or even higher, if that’s your goal.)

All you gotta do is follow the simple steps.

You’ll Leave Message to Money LIVE Knowing How To:

  • Cut through the noise to figure out exactly what YOUR Authentic message is, and how to convey it to your tribe in a way that creates an instant bond with them
  • Create a business that feels good to you, makes you proud of what you do and has the potential to be successful for the long haul and make you wealthy
  • Find the perfect words to describe what you do in a way that moves people to want to do business with you not just because you have what they need, but because you understand them and care about who they are. And it is obvious in your marketing
  • Learn an exact system to pull your unique and powerful message out of you so you can tell your story with clarity and confidence.
  • Identify strategies and tactics that are immediately actionable and will actually help you 'move the needle' in your business and start seeing immediate movement toward your dream
  • Choose the right business model to get you to the next level, that’s aligned with you, your message and your core beliefs
  • Reduce the overwhelm by having a well-thought-through, step-by-step action plan so that you can work smarter and leverage your time
  • Make the decisions that will take your business forward without guesswork or playing into the hands of those who want to sell you the latest shiny objects
  • Plan the best marketing strategies for YOU to reach your BIG goals for 2018 and beyond with confidence

Plus, When You Attend Message To Money LIVE You’ll:

  • Discover how to quickly build a tribe that loves you.
  • Learn the 3 strategies I used to build a 50K+ person mailing list from scratch without spending a cent on paid advertising
  • Outline at least one tribe-building event that will easily add 1,000 or more people to your email list in less than a month
  • Choose the 2-5 marketing strategies you want to leverage to consistently grow & engage your tribe
  • Experience a series of powerful exercises designed to take you to a deeper level of confidence & charisma so you can inspire people the moment you walk into a room, create a web page, or write an email

"Marisa, Does Message To Money LIVE REALLY Deliver What You Say It Does?"

“I feel much less overwhelmed”

What I realized is that I have been chasing a lot of strategies that a lot of people are sort of selling that are completely inappropriate for where I am in my business at the moment and I realize that I really need to strip back and keep it simple and go one step at a time. Marisa has made that so clear that I actually feel much less overwhelmed by what I need to do to go forward. And it seems a lot more straightforward. So that for me it's a good thing.

- Lori West

“I have a wonderful way to engage and give more value to my clients”

Message to Money LIVE has really impacted my perspective on how I can help my clients. I have a product-based business, but it's not about the product it's about what the product does. And I have so much information that I need to share with my clients that is valuable and will help them in all of their endeavors using the product. And I've been kind of keeping it to myself and I realized that now I have a wonderful way to engage and give more value to my clients and that's been amazing."

- Kay McDonald, Charity Charms

“Huge benefits and breakthroughs for me”

This event has impacted me on many levels. First of all, Marisa’s showing me how to run a beautiful event, launching a program with the highest integrity and the greatest involvement and benefit for everyone present. So it's been such a huge pleasure to be part of it. Secondly, it's really helping me fill in the gap of many things in my own business and in my teaching to other people, I just had a big breakthrough just in the last session about about my sales funnel. So really probably too many things to mention but huge benefits and breakthroughs for me.

- Natalie Hill

“I know the steps to take. I have confidence.”

Message to Money LIVE particularly in this group people, is a way to get confidence because Marisa delivers content in a way I've never seen before.

I've been to many conferences, I've met many of the best, in everything from branding to business. But Marisa knows it all. It's the way she lays it out though. She gives you the entire pathway and then the very specific ways to reach the goals that you have. So I have a goal that I have for my business and it's personal. And Marisa helps me and bring those goals to life and the steps I need to take, it's clear I have confidence.

So when I leave here, I don't walk away saying, "I'm so inspired." I'm confident moving forward in my business and that's what I came here for and that is what I got.

- Lee Kemter

But I Have To Tell You - Message To Money LIVE is NOT for everyone:

This is not another seminar where you get all pumped up with enthusiasm and ideas but the next day it’s all just kind of a fog of things that you aren’t sure how to implement.

If all you’re looking for is a pep rally that will give you the same old tired information you’ve heard dozens of times, without giving you anything usable afterwards, then I urge you to just stay home: Message To Money LIVE isn’t that kind of conference.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I assure you, you WILL be excited and full of energy at Message to Money LIVE.

But you’re going to leave with so much more than any conference you’ve ever attended: your marketing message, nailed.

Your marketing plan, solidified. Your Message to Money Pathway and Customer Journey, wow! And your step-by-step plan to make it all happen, in the can!

Yet, there’s one thing you have to realize...

I’m Going To Be Blunt -- You Can’t Do This Alone

Only one person in a thousand has enough perspective on their ideal marketing messaging to go it alone, and even if you have that, the real skill is turning it into a business that can be successful.

The rest of us need help from someone who can offer perspective, along with proven, powerful frameworks and processes that can make the difference between struggling for years, and finally getting unstuck.

That’s what you’ll get at Message to Money LIVE.

And not only that -- you’ll also be surrounded by some of the most radiant, dynamic, amazing, thought provoking, soulful, inspiring and successful people in the world.

Your “ah ha” moments become those of others and their breakthroughs become your own.

It’s synergy around a single goal, to set you on a well-mapped-out journey toward the fulfillment of your dream.

Not to mention we have a whole bunch of fun getting to know one another.

We will literally map out every step of your exciting new journey, together.

This event is not just about transforming your business model, it’s about transforming your entire life

Going from where you are today to where you always dreamed you could be.

Having a business that not only makes you all the money you will ever need but one that also gives you a deeper sense of contribution and fulfillment. Something you can point to with pride and a deep feeling of self-worth.

We both know that if you do nothing different, then nothing will change.

Everyone else is using the same tired tactics. Yet your message is unique to only you. It’s what makes you stand out in the crowd. Let’s discover your magic together in LA this February.

Hit that blue register now button and let’s reserve your seat right now.

Save 80%. Reserve Your Seat Right Away at the Early Bird Price of Just $197

“Marisa, What Will Happen If I Don’t Attend?”

In a word, nothing.

Nothing will change.

A year from now, perhaps even a decade from now, you will be right where you are right now.

Is that where you want to be?

Don’t let indecision and all the other noise in your head and your life stop you from realizing your dream. This is too important. You know that.

You can’t do this alone.

There is a group of people just like you. And they want to get in the room with you and share ideas, struggles and solutions.

Take 3 days to put yourself light years ahead of the curve so you can start to realize your dream starting NOW!

Think about it…

How would your life change if the entire world fell in love with you?

If they fell in love with your product, your service, your business?

How wealthy do you think you would be?

How much self-worth, fulfillment, confidence, freedom, time and money do you think you would have?

If the world was in love with you, it’s unlikely you would ever want for anything ever again.

When you come to Message to Money LIVE you won’t just walk out having enjoyed all the experiences we’ve planned and created for you…

You are going to walk away with a brand-new vision for your business, your future and even your entire life.

And with a step-by-step plan to MAKE it HAPPEN!

This event will be the most amazing experience you’ve ever had, and when it’s over…

You Open the Door For Something Truly Magical To Come Through

Within a day, two, three and even a week after the event, things will begin to radically change. You will bask in the afterglow of accomplishment and feel like you now know exactly what you’re meant to be, where you’re going and how to get there.

And as you reflect on it, you will find new, powerful ways to express who you AND your business really are and what you bring to your tribe, the people who depend on you for solutions.

It’s the exact opposite of what most people experience after an event. Rather than the inspiration and excitement wearing off quickly, as each day passes, you’ll settle even deeper into a new level of clarity, certainty, confidence and effectiveness.

Because you will have an exact action plan to create your “Love Letter” to the world.

A step-by-step process to pull your unique message out of you so you can pull in an abundance of good will, an abundance of money, time and freedom.

And to create the plan to make it happen!

Join us and let’s make the world fall in love with you.

Click the button below!

Save 80%. Reserve Your Seat Right Away at the Early Bird Price of Just $197

Event Details

All The Information You Need


Message to Money LIVE

A transformative 3-day workshop designed to give you clarity and confidence around your story, message, brand, offers and business plan, while uprooting the fears, beliefs and obstacles that have held you back until now.


February 16-18, 2018

Event will start at 9am on Friday and end by 6pm on Sunday. We recommend flying in Thursday and flying out on Monday morning to make the most out of the event.



Sheraton Gateway

Los Angeles, California

A short 5-minute shuttle ride from Los Angeles International Airport.

We’ve secured a room block at the Sheraton Gateway to guarantee the lowest possible rates for you.

To get the most out of the event, we recommend flying in on Thursday the 15th. While the event will be over by 6pm on the 18th, many guests choose to stay at the hotel on Sunday night to hang out and integrate.

Registration starts at 8am on the 16th. Doors open at 8:50am and the event starts at 9am SHARP. Plan on staying for evening networking events on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sheraton Gateway LAX

Save 80%. Reserve Your Seat Right Away at the Early Bird Price of Just $197


Marisa Murgatroyd

Million-Dollar Business Builder, Positioning & Branding Superhero

Marisa has 2 unique superpowers no other business trainer can boast – after training as an artist and earning degrees from Brown University and The Royal College of Art in London, she followed her passion into to the documentary filmmaking world, earning several awards for her work.

Positioned at the crossroads of art and story, Marisa is in perfect position to know intuitively what makes YOU and your business unique in the world, and how to express that beautifully so that people “fall in love with you” and are compelled to engage with you.

Best known for her “No BS” style of teaching where she strips away the stuff that just doesn’t work, her expertise is applied with the heart and sensitivity of an artist. Marisa loves working with beginner & advanced entrepreneurs alike, helping them find the words, images, messaging & branding so that people take notice, get excited and take action. Her sweet spot is helping you put in place exactly what you need to the $1m level.

At 4’11 and a quarter, Marisa is known as the shortest woman in marketing. But that doesn’t stop her from having huge ideas. Her no-nonsense approach has earned her a reputation as a results-getter for thought leaders, change agents and online superheroes such as Callan Rush, Justin Livingston, Danny Iny, Don Crowther, Alexis Neely, who Marisa is proud to have as her clients.

She’s the author of the soon-to-be-released book on personal branding called Your Permission Slip, which gives people the confidence they need to step forward as the face and voice of their message and build a successful business centered around their important message for the world.

Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee!

If you show up, participate, take notes and network and don't feel like I delivered on my promise, then let us know by the end of the first day, then we'll refund what you paid, plus up to $500 in documented travel expenses. I'm confident that the strategies you'll learn will be worth at least 10 times what you'll invest to attend this seminar.

If something comes up that makes it impossible for you to join us in person at Message to Money Live in February, then:

  • You may transfer your registration to a future Message to Money Live event or get a credit towards any future purchase with Live Your Message or Superhero Summits (with no expiry date)
  • You can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place (no cut-off time)

There is zero risk for you to attend this event and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Save 80%. Reserve Your Seat Right Away at the Early Bird Price of Just $197

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I attended the event last year? Should I come again?

Yes! For two reasons:

1. Anyone who knows Marisa knows that she can never sit still. She’s always re-creating, and every single one of her Message to Money LIVE events has been completely different. She’s always updating, refining, and bringing you the best of what she’s learned since the last one, based on what people need help with the most. M2M LIVE truly is the best & most cutting-edge education on how to monetize your message online there is.

2. And second, because it gives you a chance to meet more amazing people who share your vision for what business can be. It’s a great opportunity to recharge, gain new insights, and spend the weekend working ON your business, not in it.

Will I have the chance to interact with Marisa?


Message to Money Live is a highly interactive event combining in-depth trainings, hands-on experiences, laser coaching, group shares and networking.

Marisa’s known for her ability to instantly cut through confusion to get to the heart and soul of your message, and she’s committed to doing as much laser coaching as possible throughout the event.

These days, it costs $10,000 a day to work with Marisa -- and you get to spend 3 days learning from her at a fraction of the cost.

And she’s available during the evening events for a chat... and for hugs anytime you see her… so don’t be shy :)

Who else will be attending the event?

Over the past four years, we’ve built a dynamic community of entrepreneurs (like you) committed to bringing their authentic selves into business.

From emerging entrepreneurs to 7-and-8 figure thought leaders, the thing that differentiates our tribe is a deep commitment to making an impact with who they are and what they do.

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, author, speaker, facilitator, artist, designer, doctor, healer or shaman, we know that you’re committed to building a successful and profitable business that aligns with who you are and what you stand for.

If you’re committed to showing up fully at the event, chances are you’ll walk away with new friends who really “get” you, prospects & maybe even a new client or two!

What happens if I have to cancel?

If something comes up that makes it impossible for you to join us in person at Message to Money Live in February, then:

You may transfer your registration to a future Message to Money Live event or get a credit towards any future purchase with Live Your Message or Superhero Summits (with no expiry date)

You can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place (no cut-off time)

Can I bring a friend?

Yes-- in fact, we highly recommend it. That’s why, after you reserve your ticket, you’ll have a chance to grab a ticket for a friend at a huge discount (There are a limited number of tickets available at this price).

Where should I stay?

The event is happening at the Sheraton Gateway near LAX, and we’ve reserved a block of rooms at a special rate just for you. We HIGHLY recommend that you stay at the hotel so you can fully participate the events have planned for you, and feel free to stay and network with your new friends & new business partners.

What's the Dress Code?

Comfortable. We also recommend bringing layers you can add or remove as the temperature in hotel rooms can fluctuate.

Will there be meals included?

If you upgrade to the VIP experience, lunch every day is on us. Otherwise, you’re free to choose from the dozens of restaurants in the area.