Discover the 4 Master Keys to Unlock Your Online Business Success

How to Turn Your Authentic Message Into a Profitable Business You (& Your Tribe) Will Love

What is Message to Money LIVE?

Message to Money LIVE is a transformative 3 day workshop that brings together online entrepreneurs who want to leverage their unique Superpowers to build a profitable business, while growing a tribe and making a difference.

This isn’t just another 'event.' This is a complete experience, an opportunity to get clarity and confidence around YOUR story, message, brand, offers, and business plan based on your unique abilities and superpowers.

To know what you want, what you’re here to do and how to do it without selling your soul.

It’s about creating the critical alignment between you, your business, and your audience, so you can build a business that stands out and that you love.

It’s a chance to propel your business forward in an intimate setting, with a chance to play all out and be in an environment where you can let yourself be inspired.

Together with an amazing community of entrepreneurs, you’ll learn how to work smarter and leverage your time while staying true to your unique strengths and Superpowers.

Imagine This...

You fly in to LAX, where the weather in February is a sunny and pleasant 65 degrees…

And you grab the 5-minute shuttle to the hotel to get settled. You’re super excited. It feels good to get out of your routine, but you still may not really be sure what to expect.

The next morning, we’re in the room together bright and early to get started…

And by lunchtime on the first day, you have a breakthrough about WHY what you’ve been doing hasn’t had the results you want... and you feel a major shift taking place as you understand, maybe for the first time, the BEST way forward for you...

...You’ve also met at least 3 people who you know you’ll be in touch with after the event. One of them is a great potential partner that you’re excited about. You KNOW you’re surrounded by a tribe of powerful entrepreneurs who are rooting for your success….

...And you’ve got a sense of clarity that washes over you. You know why you’re here, and you’re feeling lighter and even more excited about what’s coming for your business...

...And then you think to yourself... is it really only the FIRST day?

It only gets better from there.

And after 3 days, a hundred hugs and maybe even a few happy tears, you leave for the airport not only energized and revved up... you’ve also got specific action steps so that the inspiration doesn’t just fade away.

You’ll Leave Message to Money LIVE Knowing How to:

  • Cut through the noise to figure out exactly what YOUR Authentic message is, and how to convey it to your tribe
  • Create a business that feels good to you that has the potential to be successful for a long time
  • Find the perfect words to describe what you do
  • Identify the strategies and advice that will actually help you 'move the needle' in your business
  • Choose the right business model to get you to the next level, that’s aligned with you and your message
  • Reduce the overwhelm so that you can work smarter and leverage your time
  • Confidently make the decisions that will take your business forward
  • Plan the best marketing strategies for YOU to reach your BIG goals for 2017 and beyond

Message to Money LIVE is for you if...

You’re a coach, consultant, healer, independent or creative professional, or service provider whose business model is based primarily on working with clients

You’re just getting started and you’re trying to get crystal clear on your idea, your offer, and your message

You’re looking to get more leverage out of your business with products or programs that package your expertise and create more consistent sales and revenue

You’re already making good money and you want to scale even further, but you’re struggling from overwhelm, lack of time, “too many hats” syndrome, and you’re heading towards burnout

You’re tired of following “cookie-cutter” formulas and trainings and want something that’s right for your unique situation

If any of these sounds like you... Message to Money LIVE is your opportunity to make the leap to the next level.

Reserve Your Seat Right Away at the Low Price of Just $997

Discover the 4 Master Keys to building a business that’s based on YOUR unique gifts & vision

I spent more time than I want to admit chasing after shiny objects in my business. I had more courses and programs than I knew what to do with. I’d go through a few modules and then inevitably, I’d get stuck on something, I’d get discouraged, and I’d just move on to the next thing...and the next...and the next.

It finally got to a point where I started to question the whole idea of building a business in the first place. I wasn’t having fun, I wasn’t making the kind of money that I wanted...and I certainly wasn’t making the kind of difference that I so desperately wanted to make.

Until I realized, that in trying to follow EVERYONE’S “expert advice” I wasn’t really following my OWN dream. I had a 'cookie-cutter' business that looked just like everyone else’s, with no place for MY unique gifts, MY values, MY personality, or what I BELIEVED.

Instead of building something that leveraged my gifts for the world and felt GOOD, I was bogged down in tasks and activities I didn't like, stuck in procrastination mode, and just plain overwhelmed.

And in the middle of 12 hour workdays and an endless to-do list, my inner voice, the one telling me WHY I got into this in the first place, was getting lost.

And everybody could feel it. (Especially me.)

It was time to get real with my business and myself.

It's these four Keys that have made all the difference for me, my business and my tribe, allowing me to go from Zero to $2M in just 5 years and BUILD a tribe of over 80,000 people, and I want to teach them to YOU at Message to Money LIVE:

Master Key #1:

The Clarity Master Key

Find Your Irresistible Message & Authentic Voice

No matter what your industry or area of expertise, online you're competing with thousands of other people who do what you do.

If you want to really stand out & attract customers in a crowded market, you MUST tap into the power of both who you are and what your audience really wants.

With Key #1, you’ll:

  • give yourself permission to embrace your authentic voice and fully express yourself through your business
  • discover how & why it’s essential to step into the 'messenger' version of you if you want to have real, lasting impact in the world, create the lifestyle you want & leave a legacy
  • find your 'Internet Famous Blueprint' that will instantly different you from everyone else who does what you do (this is where you create your million-dollar 'secret sauce'!)
  • identify the perfect words to describe what you do that will instantly resonate with the tribe of people you want to serve.
Master Key #2:

The Strategy Master Key

The No-Hype Way to Know What to Do & When to Do It

There's something important I need to tell you about your business. And it's probably going to help explain some things...

Every business goes through FIVE very specific stages as it scales & grows, and no business-building strategy, no matter how new, sexy or powerful will work to build your business if you use it at the wrong time.

With Key #2, you’ll:

  • choose the perfect business model for what you do (most people don't make money online because they have the wrong business model for them)
  • gain massive clarity for the first time in your life as to why your business hasn’t taken off and exactly what to do to achieve sustainable growth
  • reduce the overwhelm at everything you thought you needed to do to get your business 'working'
  • know with confidence exactly what to do and what not to do right now in your business.
Master Key #3:

The Money Master Key

Inspire More People to Invest More Money, More Often, to Make a Difference in Their Lives

Now that you're attracting your 'right-fit' tribe, how do you inspire them to not just listen to you, but take bold transformative action?

Your ability to move people to action will define not only the size of your bank account, but the level of impact you can have in the world.

With Key #3, you’ll:

  • learn how 'selflessly' giving more & more value to your prospects is actually driving them away from you, and what to do instead that will draw them in! (This goes against everything you've heard about how to attract new customers online!)
  • see with utter clarity the fastest way to add $50K to your bottom line (based on the skills, strengths and assets you already have)
  • map your Message to Money Pathway – the exact journey your prospects will take from first encounter to customer (& repeat customer!), and how to build your entire website around it
  • learn my ultra-simple way of building sales funnels that puts the customer journey & relationship first, rather than feeling like you have to crank people through some sleazy money machine.
Master Key #4:

The Tribe Master Key

Get Off the Marketing Treadmill & Build a Tribe that Loves You

Once you have clarity on your irresistible message and authentic voice, you’ve chosen your business model, and you’ve defined your Message to Money Pathway, it’s time to build your tribe.

This is how you go from one “yes” to a thousand, and really share your message with the world.

With Key #4, you’ll:

  • learn the 3 strategies I used to build a 50K+ person mailing list from scratch without spending a cent on paid advertising
  • outline at least one tribe-building event in 2017 that adds 1,000 or more people to your email list in less than a month
  • choose the 2-5 marketing strategies you want to leverage to consistently grow & engage your tribe
  • experience a series of powerful exercises designed to take you to a deeper level of confidence & charisma so you can inspire people the moment you walk into a room, create a web page, or write an email

Event Details

All The Information You Need


Message to Money LIVE

A transformative 3-day workshop designed to give you clarity and confidence around your story, message, brand, offers and business plan, while uprooting the fears, beliefs and obstacles that have held you back until now.


February 16-18, 2018

Event will start at 9am on Friday and end by 6pm on Sunday. We recommend flying in Thursday and flying out on Monday morning to make the most out of the event.



Sheraton Gateway

Los Angeles, California

A short 5-minute shuttle ride from Los Angeles International Airport.

We’ve secured a room block at the Sheraton Gateway to guarantee the lowest possible rates for you.

To get the most out of the event, we recommend flying in on Thursday the 15th. While the event will be over by 6pm on the 18th, many guests choose to stay at the hotel on Sunday night to hang out and integrate.

Registration starts at 8am on the 16th. Doors open at 8:50am and the event starts at 9am SHARP. Plan on staying for evening networking events on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sheraton Gateway LAX

Reserve Your Seat Right Away at the Low Price of Just $997

The Jam-Packed 3 Day Schedule

Doors will open at 8:50 each morning. There will be breaks for networking, coffee refills, and snacks throughout the day, as well as longer breaks for lunch and dinner.

Day 1

Friday, February 16th

  • 8:00 AM Registration
  • 9:00 AM- 6:30 PM Training Sessions & VIP Lunch
  • 8:00 PM- Networking Party
Day 2

Saturday, February 17th

  • 9:00 AM- 6:30 PM Training Sessions & VIP Lunch
  • 8:00 PM- No-Holds Barred Fireside Chat (Complete with fireplace)
Day 3

Sunday, February 18th

  • 9:00 AM- 6:30 PM Training Sessions & VIP Lunch, Closing Ceremony

Some Words from Previous Attendees!

“Uber-inspiring and deeply pragmatic”

Marisa is a magician. But not the kind that keeps great secrets to herself. Message to Money Live was simultaneously uber-inspiring and deeply pragmatic. With her input, I honed my message & received immediate feedback from the bright & driven students she attracts. Watching others being gently guided to share the fears and release the resistance that keeps them from success in their business was manna for my heart. Like all purpose-driven entrepreneurs, we need peers that will inspire and support us and Marisa's students are the best.

Elan Freydenson Founder, Tech Healthy

“I've Already More than Doubled My Income”

THANK you Marisa! I have now officially more than doubled my income and am really not that far away from tripling it!

Nicole DeAvilla

“I Already Enrolled One Client!”

I signed up for February even though I think I sprained my brain last Friday. You packed so much incredible information into three days -- and blew my world open on Tuesday night to boot. I figure that in February I'll be able to use what I learn to fine-tune things and learn stuff that simply escaped me. I'm excited to implement things. I already enrolled one client, now working on what's next.

Mark Jordan

“My business skyrocketed & I had my first $10k month!”

Marisa is so bad-ass! The amazing tips, tricks & strategies she shared really helped me nail my messaging, boost my brand, and speak directly to the people who were looking for what I offer. After attending Message to Money Live, my business skyrocketed and within 8 months I had my first $10k month! Her passion is contagious & she really really really knows what she's talking about. This is a not-to-be- missed business growth experience!.

Tanya Kersey The Filmmaker's Success Mentor

“I Expanded My Influence Globally”

Marisa's Message to Money LIVE was a truly inspiring event. From the networking value, to the honing of our marketing & taglines, to practicing storytelling as part of our presentations, to punching up our web site impact, the weekend was filled with valuable and useful secrets, tips & techniques.

I've used the knowledge gained at Message to Money LIVE to clarify my message, make much better presentations to groups and individuals, and expand my influence globally. I highly recommend Marisa's teaching and this event in particular!

Mark Bosnian Sing Free Now! Vocal Studios


Marisa Murgatroyd

Million-Dollar Business Builder, Positioning & Branding Superhero

Marisa has 2 unique superpowers no other business trainer can boast – after training as an artist and earning degrees from Brown University and The Royal College of Art in London, she followed her passion into to the documentary filmmaking world, earning several awards for her work.

Positioned at the crossroads of art and story, Marisa is in perfect position to know intuitively what makes YOU and your business unique in the world, and how to express that beautifully so that people “fall in love with you” and are compelled to engage with you.

Best known for her “No BS” style of teaching where she strips away the stuff that just doesn’t work, her expertise is applied with the heart and sensitivity of an artist. Marisa loves working with beginner & advanced entrepreneurs alike, helping them find the words, images, messaging & branding so that people take notice, get excited and take action. Her sweet spot is helping you put in place exactly what you need to the $1m level.

At 4’11 and a quarter, Marisa is known as the shortest woman in marketing. But that doesn’t stop her from having huge ideas. Her no-nonsense approach has earned her a reputation as a results-getter for thought leaders, change agents and online superheroes such as Callan Rush, Justin Livingston, Danny Iny, Don Crowther, Alexis Neely, who Marisa is proud to have as her clients.

She’s the author of the soon-to-be-released book on personal branding called Your Permission Slip, which gives people the confidence they need to step forward as the face and voice of their message and build a successful business centered around their important message for the world.

Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee!

If you show up, participate, take notes and network and don't feel like I delivered on my promise, then let us know by the end of the first day, then we'll refund what you paid, plus up to $500 in documented travel expenses. I'm confident that the strategies you'll learn will be worth at least 10 times what you'll invest to attend this seminar.

If something comes up that makes it impossible for you to join us in person at Message to Money Live in February, then:

  • You may transfer your registration to a future Message to Money Live event or get a credit towards any future purchase with Live Your Message or Superhero Summits (with no expiry date)
  • You can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place (no cut-off time)

There is zero risk for you to attend this event and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Listen, I don’t want you to regret missing out

The beautiful thing is that an event like this is full of possibilities…

Where you can have just ONE breakthrough that will make you thousands of dollars in revenue this year…

Or meet the ONE person who will change the course of your business (or even meet your future spouse, like I met Murray!)…

But you have to be there.

And not just there physically in the room, but you have to be PRESENT to take advantage of the opportunities that you may not be expecting.

One more thing:

After last year’s event, the energy afterwards was incredible. The pictures in the Facebook group, the stories of breakthroughs and connections that happened...were truly life-changing.

But we also got some emails from people who were disappointed that they missed out. And those people were some of the first to rush and get their tickets this year.

I don’t want you to risk missing out. Reserve your ticket now at the best possible price and I look forward to seeing you in LA and giving you a big HUG!

Marisa Murgatroyd

Reserve Your Seat Right Away at the Low Price of Just $997

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I attended the event last year? Should I come again?

Yes! For two reasons:

1. Anyone who knows Marisa knows that she can never sit still. She’s always re-creating, and every single one of her Message to Money LIVE events has been completely different. She’s always updating, refining, and bringing you the best of what she’s learned since the last one, based on what people need help with the most. M2M LIVE truly is the best & most cutting-edge education on how to monetize your message online there is.

2. And second, because it gives you a chance to meet more amazing people who share your vision for what business can be. It’s a great opportunity to recharge, gain new insights, and spend the weekend working ON your business, not in it.

Will I have the chance to interact with Marisa?


Message to Money Live is a highly interactive event combining in-depth trainings, hands-on experiences, laser coaching, group shares and networking.

Marisa’s known for her ability to instantly cut through confusion to get to the heart and soul of your message, and she’s committed to doing as much laser coaching as possible throughout the event.

These days, it costs $10,000 a day to work with Marisa -- and you get to spend 3 days learning from her at a fraction of the cost.

And she’s available during the evening events for a chat... and for hugs anytime you see her… so don’t be shy :)

Who else will be attending the event?

Over the past four years, we’ve built a dynamic community of entrepreneurs (like you) committed to bringing their authentic selves into business.

From emerging entrepreneurs to 7-and-8 figure thought leaders, the thing that differentiates our tribe is a deep commitment to making an impact with who they are and what they do.

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, author, speaker, facilitator, artist, designer, doctor, healer or shaman, we know that you’re committed to building a successful and profitable business that aligns with who you are and what you stand for.

If you’re committed to showing up fully at the event, chances are you’ll walk away with new friends who really “get” you, prospects & maybe even a new client or two!

What happens if I have to cancel?

If something comes up that makes it impossible for you to join us in person at Message to Money Live in February, then:

You may transfer your registration to a future Message to Money Live event or get a credit towards any future purchase with Live Your Message or Superhero Summits (with no expiry date)

You can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place (no cut-off time)

Can I bring a friend?

Yes-- in fact, we highly recommend it. That’s why, after you reserve your ticket, you’ll have a chance to grab a ticket for a friend at a huge discount (There are a limited number of tickets available at this price).

Where should I stay?

The event is happening at the Sheraton Gateway near LAX, and we’ve reserved a block of rooms at a special rate just for you. We HIGHLY recommend that you stay at the hotel so you can fully participate the events have planned for you, and feel free to stay and network with your new friends & new business partners.

What's the Dress Code?

Comfortable. We also recommend bringing layers you can add or remove as the temperature in hotel rooms can fluctuate.

Will there be meals included?

If you upgrade to the VIP experience, lunch every day is on us. Otherwise, you’re free to choose from the dozens of restaurants in the area.